Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Joy of Love

I recently took the Joy of Love photography class that I mentioned a while back.  I really enjoyed it.  And best of all it was free!  For this class, the teacher (Willette) said that we could pick any subject we wanted – spouse, kids, pets, family, etc. – and that we didn’t have to use the same subject for the entire class.  During the class, we got a daily e-mail lesson, with recommend photos to take for each class.  That’s 28 days of e-mails with lessons! 

I almost always take photos of my kids, so this time I decided to take photos of Gary.  And it was about the Joy of Love, after all!  BUT I didn’t want to tell Gary that I was taking photos of him, so I sort of snuck them in. . . .  Unfortunately, I don’t have photos for every single day of classes, but here are the ones I do have:

day 01 {what they do} ~ Gary works.  A lot.  But each morning he sees the kids before he leaves for work, then comes home for dinner.  And then he works some more. 

day 01 what they do W

day 05 {what you LOVE to hate} ~ Rosemary gets her photo issues from Gary.  Turn a camera on them, and they’ll make some crazy face.  I was trying to do this whole Joy of Love project on the sly, and Gary made it almost impossible to get a decent photo.  So, I love to hate that he made this surprise so freaking difficult!

day 05 what you love to hate W

day 06 {who THEY love} ~ The whole family (except for me) is in this photo.  It’s not a great photo, but it is everyone, so that has to count for something.

day 06 who THEY love W

day 08 {love from the heart} ~ For Valentine’s Day, Gary gave me some charms for my Pandora bracelet.  Love it!  I mentioned one day a while back about how much I was enjoying my bracelet (from Mom for Christmas two years ago), and he remembered and totally surprised me!

day 08 love from the heart W

day 10 {space} ~ Today’s topic was about where our photographic target is comfortable.  Gary is very comfortable on the couch.  He loves that space, as you can see.

day 10 space W

day 13 {routines} ~ In the mornings, sometimes Penelope gets up early while I’m getting ready.  Gary usually gets her out of her crib and they hang out and play until I’m ready to take over and nurse her while Gary gets ready.

day 13 routines W

day 14 {wedding band/jewelry}

day 14 wedding band jewelry W

day 17 {staying in} ~ We’ve had a lot of sicknesses and injuries lately, which have led to some weekend days where we just stayed in.  One recent weekend day Gary had to work, but at least he was able to do some work outside with the rest of us!

day 17 staying in W

day 22 {face – portrait} ~ Again.  The funny face.  Sorry, Gary.  You should have cooperated.  I know you didn’t know what I was doing.  But seriously, just cooperate next time, okay?

day 22 portrait W

day 25 {when you love them the most} ~ Okay, here are the before photos.  Gary took THIS and cleaned it all up!  We now have a nicely organized garage!  Here is what it looked like before (“after” photos to come soon):

day 25 a when you love them the most W day 25 b when you love them the most W

day 27 {what they say} ~ Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, open up!

day 27 what they say W

day 28 {the future} ~ Us.  Our kids.  Teaching them things.  Having fun.  Enjoying life.

day 28 the future W 

I just love this last photo.  This is Gary in his element, hanging out with the kids.  As you can see, they all love it.  And I love my family, whether or not Gary cooperated with my Joy of Love project!  Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, Gary!

P.S.  If you’re interested, Willette is having another free class coming up next week – the Joy of Luck!  Please sign up if you’re interested! 


Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

I love your do a great job!

Cathy said...

I love everything about this post! You did great keeping up with the Joy of Love (and executed like a pro!)

Lindsey Wolfe said...

Great job Heather! We signed up for that class, but then I got so sick that firt week of February we never really got around to doing any of the pictures.

Maybe we'll have to give it another go around for the Joy of Luck. :)

Amanda said...

Great photos and commentary! :)

Brian and Crystal said...

Absolutly LOVE the update! Gary is a funny little man. Kinda reminds me of someone. I really wish that I could be as creative as you when it comes to my pictures, but seeing this post will help me with some new ideas. Thanks Heather!!!