Tuesday, March 1, 2011

31 Project, Fruit, and a Tooth!

So I have a couple of friends (Cathy and Brian) who are doing a 365 project, which means that they take and post at least one photo per day for an entire year. I think it's awesome -- but I know that I'm not ready to make that sort of a commitment! Maybe another year. . . . Anyway. I was thinking earlier today about how something blogworthy seems to happen each day, but I rarely actually write the blog post -- and then the moment is lost and likely eventually forgotten. I've decided that for March I'm going to do a blog post each day. Most of them won't have photos, and more than likely most of them won't have a coherent subject. But I'm going to give it a shot. I'm calling this my 31 Project. So here's my first one:

On the topic of notable conversations, as soon as the kids finish their dinner, they start telling us, "I need cake!" If we tell them we don't have cake, they suggest, "Cookie?" Last night the kids ate their pot roast and veggies so well that we let them have dessert, which was Goldfish S'mores. If you don't already know, Goldfish S'mores are a combination of chocolate goldfish, graham cracker goldfish, and little marshmallow fish. The girls were holding up the marshmallow fish and saying, "Candy!!" Henry said, "No.  Fruit!" I guess that's one way to justify dessert.

As far as notable events, Penelope has had two ear infections in the last 3 weeks. For each ear infection, she woke up once or twice each night for a week or so. The only way to get her to go back to sleep is to nurse her back to sleep, which I've been doing. I'm pretty tired. I did get two nights off, then last night it started back up again. I was immediately worried that it was the ear infection bothering her when it should be getting better. But this morning I found the reason for last night's wakings -- A TOOTH! Penelope's bottom left tooth is poking through, and it looks like the right tooth is not far behind. Gary said that she's ready for her first steak now. Now I'm hoping for a good night's sleep for everyone tonight. . . .


Brian and Crystal said...

I say give that girl the steak she wants!
Can't wait to see the 31 project. You are going to find that it is actually pretty addicting. The 365 project has been a little tough, but the challenge has motivated me to keep up with it.

Amanda said...