Friday, March 18, 2011

Still Rambling . . . Day 18

I can’t believe I’ve made 18 blog posts in the last 18 days.  Well, in a way I can believe it, because it’s starting to wear on me.  Again, you people (Cathy and Brian) doing the 365 Project have dedication.

Tonight we had our regular pizza night.  Most every Friday night, Auntie Ann comes over for pizza night.  Tonight was a special pizza night, however, because Auntie Ann’s birthday is on Sunday.  To celebrate, we gave her an Edgar’s strawberry cake.  We were kind enough to help her eat a bit of it. . . .

Today I took a long lunch and went clothes shopping – for myself.  My kids dress better than I do.  And lately, they dress a LOT better than I do.  I hope that I’ve narrowed the gap after my shopping trip today.  The last time I went clothes shopping for myself was well over a year ago when I took a long lunch.  I bought a lot of clothes, then got back to the office and decided that, before I took off the tags, just for the heck of it, I’d take a pregnancy test, just to make sure. . . .  And that is the day I found out that we were expecting Penelope!  We returned the clothes.  I guess today was my day to buy them back. 

Happy Friday, everyone!


Cathy said...

I totally remember that day!! :-). Maybe this time you'll be able to actually wear those clothes (although I'm sure glad you weren't last time - look what you got instead!)

Ann said...

That cake was (and still is...) super yummy!