Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hanging with the Boudreaux Trio

Today we visited with the Boudreaux Trio (and their parents and grandparents).  It was awesome.  It is great to get to spend some time around other parents of triplets (which is a word we usually avoid, but really is the only one that works here) who understand some of the issues that come with have three kids the same age.  We don’t have to explain much of anything that usually requires explanation to parents of singletons, and I got a kick out of the fact that all 4 of us parents ate standing up while watching the kids eat – and none of us thought anything about it until later when someone cracked a joke about it. 

See, in our house, we don’t even have barstools anymore.  By the time you get one kid out of the sink, another kid is in the glasses cabinet, and another kid is on top of the refrigerator.  Since we can’t pull three kids out of the sink/out of the cabinets/off of the refrigerator at the same time, we just got rid of the barstools – though we do hope that one day we can bring them back into the house.  Sure, it’s a little weird not to have a place to sit down to eat (unless the kids are in bed and we can eat in the living room), but we just got used to it. 

Gary and I – and the kids – had a great time today.  We can’t wait to hang out with the Boudreaux Trio again!  Thank you, Brian and Crystal.  What a perfect Saturday!

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