Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Weekend

We had a busy weekend.  Not that much was planned, but we made the most of the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  Friday night we have pizza night with Auntie Ann, then Saturday morning we went to the Botanical Gardens with the kids (I have photos to post soon).  Saturday afternoon I worked on cleaning out my closet during naptime, then baths/dinner/bedtime took up the rest of the day.  This morning we went to church, I did laundry during naps, then we all played outside.  While Gary did baths, I ran to the grocery store.  Now Gary and I just now finished our dinner, and we are hoping for a good night’s rest before we shift gears to work tomorrow.

In interesting things over the weekend, Rosemary continued her love of the camera (or should I say, her assumption that the camera loves her).  There were zillions of photographers at the Botanical Gardens, and Rosemary thought they were all there for her.  If anyone came near her with the camera, she stood in their way and struck a pose waiting for them to take her photo.  I even explained what she was doing to a few people, and they pulled up their camera to snap a photo of her, then Rosemary gladly went on her way.  She must get that from Gary.

I’ve been complaining about my closet for months and I’m so glad that I finally started the process of cleaning it out.  I pulled everything out and have put most of it back in.  I have a huge stack to go to goodwill that I need to inventory for tax purposes.  I have maternity clothes to return to those who so kindly loaned to me.  I finally have put away all of my maternity clothes, including a few pairs of maternity pants that I find myself wearing at least once a week (if you’ve ever worn them, you have to admit that maternity clothes are unbelievably comfortable)!  From now on, I don’t wear maternity clothes.  I will miss the comfort of that nice elastic waistband, but I this weekend I told them goodbye.

My friend Cathy recently cleaned out her closet.  She came up with several rules on whether to keep clothes or not.  I like them.  I used them.  And, I came up with my own rule to add:

Just because it was one of your favorite items of clothing in {insert any of the past 15 years here}, doesn’t mean that it is – OR SHOULD BE – a favorite item today or at any time in the near future.

And with that new rule, I will be donating (or flat out discarding) many, many clothes that have been cluttering up my closet and drawers for the past 15 years.  Just because they served me well once doesn’t mean I should keep them around any longer.

And in the way of big milestones, today Penelope began CRAWLING and immediately followed that up with pushing herself up to sitting from a crawling position.  Wow.  Penelope thinks that she is as big as the big kids are, and apparently she is out to prove it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Brian and Crystal said...

Great to hear about Penelope!!! Need a favor though... PLEASE pass this story on to Crystal! Especially the part about the closet! Hope to see you guys this weekend!