Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Stamps Mean. . . .

If stamps mean that you were good at playschool, then yesterday Rosemary was especially good!!

DSC_0009 Little Perk

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Day of Playschool

Almost two weeks ago, the kids had their first day of playschool. They were really excited about wearing their backpacks and carrying the lunchboxes that Nana gave them. Actually, I still think that is their favorite part of playschool. . . . Anyway. Here are some photos of the kids getting ready to go. 

DSC_0900 cropped DSC_0906 DSC_0909 CS Faded Daydreams DSC_0922 CS Little Perk DSC_0924 CS Faded Daydreams DSC_0926 PW Dim the Lights DSC_0928 CS Classic B&W Cropped DSC_0938 CS Classic B&W DSC_0953 CS Classic B&W Cropped

Gary and I took the kids to their first day of playschool. I was terrified that we'd be late (I now know that timeliness is not a huge issue with playschool), so we got there early and waited in the hall for a few minutes. DSC_0962 CS Faded Daydreams Cropped

Then the kids walked straight into the room, handed over their prized backpacks and lunchboxes, and started their day. . . . DSC_0972 CS Little Perk Cropped

And then we were shooed away. Gary was a little out of sorts because he was used to telling each of them good-bye one at a time, but since they walked straight into their room (where parents aren't supposed to go so that the kids don't get too out of sorts over the whole parents are leaving situation), he missed that opportunity. I was a little surprised that no one seemed to care much that we left them. I think that since they have each other that they don't worry so much when they don't have Gary or me there with them. We have since learned from the playschool director that they are very independent and don't fight play just with each other, which makes me very proud. 

The kids have been in speech therapy for a while -- more than 6 months. When we had the kids assessed at 18 months, they really didn't talk. They made noises, but they didn't have any words -- or even anything that would pass for a word. They have made huge improvements, but weren't even close to being caught up. Within just a couple of weeks of playschool they are talking more than ever. I really think that this is going to give them the push that they need to start talking more and get caught up! We had the kids re-assessed for speech about a week ago, and they still qualify for speech therapy through Children's Hospital's Early Intervention program. The good news is that they scored a little ahead on their comprehension skills, so the kids seem to understand what we are saying, they just don't care to speak back to us. Hopefully we'll get through this soon. I'm sure that one day we'll be wishing that they didn't talk!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's Been Going On

There's been a lot going on around here -- but not a lot of blogging.

Piper, Henry, and Rosemary have adjusted well to Penelope. At first Penelope got a few kisses and a few swats, but now it's all kisses. The kids now love all things baby and Piper and Rosemary have a renewed interest in their baby dolls. The kids are also having fun with Penelope's toys -- which coincidentally used to be their toys.

We have learned that we need to put Penelope in her swing or bouncy seat in the playroom . . . when the kids are not in the playroom. They just like to help Penelope play. For instance, the other day, Penelope was in her swing in the living room (in Piper's old spot) and the kids were all around her, swinging her as high as possible in that swing, and yelling "Wheeeeeeee!!" Although I'm sure Penelope enjoyed it, we have decided to keep that to a minimum.

The weekend before last, the whole family went out to lunch. I had planned to take pictures there, but instead only took pictures of the 4 kiddos in the car:

After seeing how well the kids did eating at the table for lunch, we stopped on the way home and bought some plates, bowls, and cups for the kids. So, we are no longer using the highchair trays, but instead sitting at the table:

Oh, and here's what Penelope was doing during the kids' first meal at the table:

Then, this past weekend, Gary gave Penelope her first bottle. She did great with it (and so did Gary)! Now Gary gives Penelope a bottle every night around 8:30 p.m. or so and she usually takes around 3-4 ounces for that feeding.

The Labor Day weekend was not the best for us. I still am not supposed to pick up the kids, but Gary was under the weather and Piper, Henry, and Rosemary were sick (viral fever and sore throat, plus Piper had a mild case of pink eye). We called in my mom for backup, and she was here within a few hours and stayed until yesterday. Everyone is well now, and so things are back to normal -- whatever that happens to be for us now.

Thankfully, Penelope did not get sick (though I have no idea how). She had a pediatrician appointment this past Friday and weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces, so she is still gaining around 2 ounces a day, which is great. There have been a few nights here and there over the last week where she only got up once to eat between about 9:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. There have been some nights where she got up every 2 hours, too, but more often than not she's up twice to eat. Penelope has very little fussy time and is overall a very happy, and easy, baby. Here are a few cute photos of Penelope from over the long Labor Day weekend to finish off the post:

Yesterday was Piper, Henry, and Rosemary's first day of Mother's Day Out (playschool), so that will be the next blog post!