Thursday, March 31, 2011

The End of My 31 Project

Finally day 31.  I’m glad I made it.  I won’t lie – it was a commitment, and a little bit more of a commitment than I expected.  Part of that is that I didn’t really think about how much work it would be.  I knew that there were a lot of stories and things happening that I wasn’t documenting and that I would inevitably forget, and so on March 1 I randomly decided to do a blog post every day in the hopes that I would get all those stories written down and therefore capture this period of time in our lives.  That worked.  But I definitely know that I am not ready for a 365 Project, like Cathy and Brian who are still going strong.  I do think that I’m more likely to do a post without photos now, which is something I usually avoided.  That will probably lead to more blog posts, but definitely not daily blog posts!  In fact, as a warning, I may be taking a few days off here. . . .

I do have some ideas on upcoming blog posts, including some posts with my new camera (whenever the weather cooperates enough for me to get outside – I don’t think I can just start inside) and maybe even a post about the kids’ current favorite toys.  Lots of thoughts and ideas to work on eventually.  I’ve also been spending the first part of the year trying to catch up on various things – like making blog books on Blurb, hanging those photos that we’ve been meaning to hang for the better part of a year, selecting 2010 photos for printing, putting 2008-2010 photos in photo albums, cleaning out and organizing closets, and other things that I want to share with you as I finally complete them.  These things have been in-process for quite a while, and I finally am starting to see the results of my work, which is really motivating me to finish all of these things up.  I’m also starting to get excited about the arrival of my new nephew in a few weeks, and I’ve started doing a little planning (with Cathy and Amanda’s help) for the kids’ third birthday party.  So, there’s lots coming up in the next few months!

I do think that I may be ready for a 31 (or 30 or whatever) Project some other month this year, but it will probably be a while.  For now, at right this moment, I’m finally going to watch that DVR’d Teen Mom 2 finale that I’ve been trying to watch for 2 days, and I may even get to finish it before my bedtime.  Well, maybe not, but I’ll get to see a bit of it.  Have a great night, and see you in a few days.


Donna said...

I've enjoyed the posts, Heather. Although I will say I am having to catch up. Maybe next time you choose to do a daily post for a month, you should pick February!! ;)

Cathy said...

Congrats on finishing your project! I enjoyed them a ton, and I know that you will look back and appreciate how you captured those little details. But you can definitely achieve the same goal without the daily commitment! I think the key for me to doing it every day over the course of a year is to just not worry about quality. :-)