Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy Day

Today was a very busy day. I've been playing catch-up with work, plus today was a big day on the "personal" front. . . .

Penelope had her 6 month photo session with Heather Swanner this morning (even though she will be 7 months on Thursday). Miss Sally, our nanny, and Auntie Ann went with us to the photo session. We started out with the kids there, just to get a few shots of all four kids. That went way better than could reasonably be expected. Then Miss Sally and Auntie Ann took the kids to the zoo, while Penelope and I stayed behind to finish the photo shoot. Well, it wasn't quite that simple. Rosemary wouldn't leave until Heather took a few shots of just her. I don't think that Heather understood what was happening when everyone was leaving and Rosemary was positioning herself strategically between Penelope and the camera. I finally said, "Oh Rosemary, do you need to have some photos taken of you?" Then Heather obligingly took a few photos of Rosemary, who then left.

Hilarious. That kid cracks me up.

Penelope and I got home, and I had time to eat lunch and check e-mail when it was time to go to a meeting for the kids' speech therapy. Once the kids turn three at the end of June, they are no longer eligible for speech therapy through Early Intervention. Instead, that service goes through the local school district. Our development specialist had set up our initial meeting with the local school district several months ago, and that meeting was this afternoon. The meeting was mostly informational. We provided proof that the kids were ours (thus the need for the birth certificates), blue forms, and proof that we lived in the school district. We went though each of the kids and gave some background information, plus discussed their strengths and weaknesses, as well as our areas of concern. The next step is to go back to have each of the kids assessed by a speech therapist, then we have a meeting again to discuss whether the kids qualify for speech therapy through the school district and to discuss those details. If the kids qualify, they will continue speech therapy through June with Early Intervention, and will get a break before they start with the school district in August when school starts back.

When we discussed the strengths and weaknesses for the kids, our biggest strength that we could list for Rosemary was self-confidence. For instance, some mornings she will walk up to me and announce: "I look pretty." Just in case we didn't know already. She never seems to be the least bit unsure of herself. I wish I had a little more of that quality myself! Hopefully we will raise her in a way to maintain that self-confidence.

I'll post sneak peaks of the photos as soon as I get them!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I just miss them so much. Rosemary cracks me up!