Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Big Argument

Last weekend, when the kids were supposed to be taking a nap, I overheard an argument.  As far as I know, it was their first argument made using real words with each other.  Lately, everything is “mine” or “my _____,” whatever that may be.  Although no one has explained the rules to me, it appears that whoever says “my _____” first becomes the true owner of _____.  And _____ could be a blue doggie, a paper bag, a set of keys . . . just anything that the kids see and decide that they want to be their own.

So, I was sitting downstairs and I hear the following conversation:

Piper:  “My moe-ee.”  {Translation, “My Elmo.”}

Henry:  “No.  My Elmo.”

{Repeat a few times.}

Henry:  “My box.”

Rosemary:  “Noooooo.  My box.”

{Repeat a few times.}

Rosemary:  {Very smug.}  “My Daddy.”

Piper and Henry:  {Screaming like you’ve never heard, followed by crying.}  “Noooo.  Noooo.  No.  MY DADDY.”

Rosemary:  {Quite sure of herself.}  “My Daddy.”

It was hilarious.  Rosemary really got Piper and Henry fired up.  They went on and on for a while, and then finally went to sleep for their nap.  First, I’m thrilled that they are finally talking enough to have such discussions, but second, I love hearing what goes on in their little heads.  And hopefully one day they have not been traumatized by that little argument and realize that they all have Daddy.

I hate to make a post without some photos, so I want to throw in a series of some photos of Rosemary, still sporting her now-not-so-new smile, which she still is perfecting and gets better almost every day.  In a way, I hope she never outgrows it.  I’ll just have to ask our photographer NOT to ask her to smile for our next session!!

DSC_0035 W DSC_0036 W DSC_0037 W

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Stephanie Panza said...

This is great! Your blog always makes me belly laugh. I miss the kids so much, I love that they have so much to say!