Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Girl Haircuts

The kids got their first (and second and third) haircuts at Sweet & Sassy, which has unfortunately now closed.  We tried another spot for haircuts after that, and although they did a good job with Henry, they did a straight trim across the bottom for the girls, then charged us full haircut price.  I decided that I could just buy a pair of scissors and do the same thing myself.  So, the last time I got my hair done, I asked my hair guy, Clay, what he thought about my plan.  Basically, he said that he was sure that I could give the girls the same haircut that they got at the last salon, but that the girls probably needed a better haircut than that!  That made a lot of sense.  In anticipation of this post, I tried to remember how long Clay has been doing my hair, but I can’t even remember.  He did my hair before he opened his own place, Orbit Salon.  Probably around 10 years, I’d imagine.  So, when he recommended that someone else at Orbit Salon do the girls’ hair, I listened.  And I made an appointment with Peter on my way out.

This past Saturday was the girls’ haircut appointments.  I can’t tell you how freaking cute I think it is that they got a call to confirm their hair appointments.  Love it.  Anyway, on Saturday morning Piper, Rosemary, and I left Henry and Penelope with Gary at home and headed to the salon.  We had been talking about getting their hair cut for a couple of days, and they were pretty excited.  As soon as we walked in the door of the salon, however, the girls became very solemn.  I decided that Piper should get her hair cut first – because Piper is usually okay with that sort of thing, and usually Rosemary will do whatever Piper does.  So, Piper took the chair, got a cape, and Peter got started. 

DSC_0109 W DSC_0110 W Piper pretty much performed as expected.  She was pretty serious, but she let Peter do what he needed to do.  While Rosemary was sitting there watching Piper get her hair cut, I asked Rosemary if she was excited.  In response, she put a hand up to her hair.  Initially, I assumed it was because she was contemplating the fantastic haircut she was going to get.

DSC_0111 W As time passed, though, I started to think that Rosemary may not be still be on board with the whole haircut thing.

DSC_0118 W DSC_0119 W DSC_0121 W After Piper’s haircut, she and Peter posed for an “after” shot.

DSC_0124 W Then it was Rosemary’s turn for her haircut.  To be completely honest, there was about a minute there where I thought we’d be leaving without a haircut.  I offered my phone, my keys, and finally started telling Rosemary that I’d give her candy if she’d sit down.  She never actually sat down in the chair, or got a cape, or anything else, but with a lot of effort on Peter’s part, she got a haircut.  She did have to take a few calls during her haircut, though. . . .

DSC_0127 W

And by the end she was comfortable enough to let me take an “after” shot. DSC_0133 W In fact, by the time the haircut was over, Rosemary wanted her bow back in her hair, and insisted that Peter put it back in her hair. 

The best part of it all is that I LOVE their haircuts!  Peter did a great job.  We will definitely have him cut the girls’ hair for as long as he is willing!

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