Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Snow in Alabama?

We’ve had more occurrences of snow in Alabama this winter than I remember happening the entire time Gary and I have been married.  Anyway, I’m a bit of a weather nut, so I’ve followed this last snow storm for a little over a week.  I was actually quite surprised that it even happened.  This past Wednesday night, this is what it looked like in our backyard when Gary and I went to bed. . . .

DSC_0046 WDSC_0052 W When I went to bed, I had no doubt that we would at least be delayed at work the next morning.  No doubt.  I woke up the next morning and kept checking my e-mail to find out when the office was opening.  After a while, I got a little suspicious and called our work emergency line and found out that we were not delayed AT ALL.  Usually the tiniest bit of snow shuts our city down, but not this time.  The roads were perfectly clear.

Since I wasn’t sure that the kids would ever see snow in Alabama again, I wanted to be sure that we all went outside to play in the snow before I left for work.  Gary, Alecia, and I spent about 20 minutes getting everyone ready to go out.  We were probably out there 5 minutes.  We put the kids in some new boots – they’re rain boots instead of snow boots, but in Alabama, that’s really just more economical to serve sort of the same purpose.  Everyone was REALLY excited about their new boots.  The problem is that when the girls would step into the snow, they would then start yelling, “my boots!” and then step back onto the patio, take off their gloves, and wipe off their boots.  We finally got them to go out into the snow, but by that time they kept coming up to us, holding up their hands, and saying, “cold!”  Eventually all 4 kids had a meltdown and we just came in.  I did get a few photos though. . . .

DSC_0064 W DSC_0067 W DSC_0074 W DSC_0080 W DSC_0087 W DSC_0094 W DSC_0105 W Maybe we’ll see snow again sometime over the next decade or so, and hopefully by then the kids will really appreciate it!

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