Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation Day 7

The last day of vacation.  Not much blog-worthy happened this day.  We got up and packed.  And packed and packed and packed.  Then we loaded up the car.  Just to extend the fun part of our trip for a little bit longer, we stopped and had breakfast lunch at The Donut Hole on the way out.  At The Donut Hole, we had some donut holes for an appetizer (of course) and Penelope flirted with a man at the table next to us.  And he just loved her.  Who wouldn’t?

DSC_2400 w DSC_2405 w DSC_2407 W DSC_2408 W DSC_2411 WWe left The Donut Hole around 11:00.  We stopped for snacks at Sonic around 3:00 (I love the cherry limeades!), and made it home around 5:00.  We unloaded, Gary bathed the kids while I fixed dinner and straightened up, then everyone ate and we went to bed.  Exhaustion cannot possibly describe me at that point.  I honestly, seriously considered sleeping on the couch just to avoid walking to our bedroom.  But it was great to be home. . . .

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