Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation Day 3

Last Wednesday was day 3 of our vacation.  We woke up and had some of the donuts that we had bought the day before.  The kids couldn’t believe that they were lucky enough to get to eat donuts for breakfast!

DSC_1901 WDSC_1892 W DSC_1895 W DSC_1896 W DSC_1900 WDSC_1907 WOkay, so Penelope didn’t actually eat donuts for breakfast, but I couldn’t just not include a photo of her!

As soon as we finished breakfast, we loaded up and headed to the beach.  The kids really liked the sand.  Penelope like the sand, too, and especially liked the water.  The big kids, however, weren’t real big fans of the water.  Gary said that Rosemary started out okay with the water, then noticed that the waves were “coming after” her and was a little wary of it after that.  At one point, I grabbed Piper and Rosemary and ran with them into the water, but that didn’t help much.  All they did was ask for their daddy.  Good thing there was plenty to do in the sand.

DSC_1914 WDSC_1918 WDSC_1924 WDSC_1927 WDSC_1929 WDSC_1931 WDSC_1936 WDSC_1946 WDSC_1953 WDSC_1955 WDSC_1957 WDSC_1959 WDSC_1962 WDSC_1965 W

Gary showed the girls how to bury their feet in the sand so that their feet “disappeared” which provided a lot of entertainment.

DSC_1973 WPenelope took a little nap in her beach tent, but after that she was happy and really enjoyed her time on the beach.

DSC_1978 WDSC_1990 WDSC_1994 WDSC_2001 WDSC_2009 WWe couldn’t get Gary to entirely stop working – but since he at least made the trip we weren’t going to complain too much.

DSC_2021 WDSC_2022 WDSC_2028 WDSC_2034 WDSC_2040 WThe kids really enjoyed making hand and footprints in the sand, which is something Nana taught them to do. 

After we left the beach, we went back to the condo where Gary bathed the kids while I took a shower.  Then I fixed the kids’ lunches and they ate while Gary and Nana showered.  Then we all took a nap.  It actually rained and stormed a bit while we napped, which always makes for a better nap.  When we woke up, we went to dinner at Stinky’s Fish Camp.  There was an hour wait to eat, so we sat outside and I took a few photos while we waited.  Gary and Henry went in and got drinks for all the girls, and Henry was quite proud of himself for bringing some waters to his sisters. 

DSC_2055 W DSC_2057 W DSC_2059 WDSC_2066 WDSC_2069 WAt one point, the kids got a little restless and started roaming around.  Rosemary took off into the parking lot, and Nana took off after her.  Piper was standing next to me while Nana was chasing Rosemary, and she kept saying, “Mama, look!  Nana’s fast!  Nana’s fast!”  It was hilarious.

We finally got in to eat and had a great meal.  It was delicious, and the waiter kept the kids’ food coming fast enough and timed everything so that the grown-ups actually had time to eat themselves.  Awesome.  Penelope ate a little, but then spent some time flirting with a man at a nearby table (which was a pretty common thing for her on the trip). 

DSC_2074 W This time, Penelope was actually WINKING at the man at the nearby table, which entertained him to no end.  He told us that we were going to have to watch Penelope when she gets older and that she was winking at him.  At first we thought it was just kind of funny, then we saw that Penelope actually WAS winking at him.  I got an okay photo of it, but it still doesn’t do justice to the full-on winking that was going on. 

DSC_2083 W Another great day down.


Barb said...

That last photo is hilarious! Love the wink!
Their swim suits and trunks are adorable! Love the colors; they make for some great photos!

Lora G said...

How cute! Love the suits and Penelope is starting to favor the other kids, especially in some of those pics in the middle.

Esther and Brian said...

precious photos!

i just have to ask you: where do you get all the unique and cute clothes for the kiddos? i recognize some matilda&jane in the mix, but what about the rest? love your style...:)

Janine said...

Laying in bed and reading this on my phone...laughed out loud and made my husband and dog jump! So hilarious! Wherever do you find their swimsuits? They are adorable!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed that wink. :)

Thanks for all the compliments on the swimsuits!! I can't take credit for them though -- Nana bought them for all of her grandkids. They are Chez Ami, which has some great kids' clothes that are especially good for coordinating siblings. In fact, some of their boys swimwear is on the "sale of the moment" on their website now (

Esther and Brian -- thank you so much for the sweet compliment! You made my night! I struggle with the kids' clothes, and the style and constantly think that I don't even have a style. I definitely have an obsession with Matilda Jane. Blessed Be The Name (and the sister store Favorite Laundry) always has some fabulous clothes. This year I added a good bit of Hanna Andersson to the mix. GREAT quality knits. I wish I would have started buying some of that earlier than I did -- I just didn't know how great that brand is. It will definitely hold up to wear some next summer. As for the rest of their clothes, I usually just pick up odds and ends that I find on Zulily. If you need an invite to join, let me know. LOVE Zulily!! If nothing else, it exposes me to a lot of childrens clothing that I would otherwise never know about.

Esther and Brian said...

thanks so much! i, too, love hanna andersson...and mini boden...just wish that they were a bit less pricey or gave a discount for multiples! ;)

i am going to check out chez ami..thanks for the tip and the wonderful photos that you take of your gorgeous family! esther