Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation Day 6

The Saturday before last was our last full day on vacation, and our seminar was only scheduled for during the morning.  Papa took Sydney and Laramy to the beach first thing in the morning, then we took everyone to the neighborhood pool.  Of course, Penelope took a nap.  And Henry spent some time sitting with Papa watching all the girls swim.

DSC_2259 W DSC_2276 W DSC_2278 w DSC_2287 W DSC_2294 W DSC_2305 W DSC_2307 WAfter the trip to the pool, everyone got baths then we all went to eat lunch at Stinky’s Fish Camp.  We all really enjoyed it, and the kids especially enjoyed getting some ice cream for dessert.

DSC_2310 W DSC_2314 W DSC_2322 W DSC_2327 W DSC_2334 W DSC_2338 W DSC_2341 WBefore we left, I managed to get a photo of all six grandkids sitting on the bench outside the restaurant.

DSC_2344 WAfter that, Papa took Sydney and Laramy back home.  We all took naps, then got ready to have dinner at The Red Bar, which is probably my favorite restaurant in the area.  While we were waiting for our table, I took a photo of all four kids (not a good photo – but just getting a photo of all four of them is not easy).

DSC_2352 W Then Nana took a photo of the whole family!  Again, not a great photo, but pretty good as far as photos of the whole family go. . . .

DSC_2358 W Dinner was awesome, and the kids really loved it.  Even Penelope really loved it!

DSC_2364 W DSC_2367 W DSC_2384 W DSC_2388 W DSC_2393 W DSC_2397 W What a great day.  And all that’s left is to pack up the next morning and drive home. . . .

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