Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father’s Day

Gary is an awesome daddy, and that is clear in everything he does.  So Father’s Day was pretty important in our house this past Sunday.  We started out with breakfast of pancakes and bacon, then followed it up with a little gift opening.

DSC_2489 W DSC_2496 W DSC_2506 W DSC_2510 W One of Gary’s gifts was a book that I bought for him a while back.  Our kids have what I believe is an unusual obsession with Pat the Bunny.  Every night they want to read Pat the Bunny.  Every night.  But every night Gary tries to convince them to read another book.  Gary cannot stand Pat the Bunny.  So, I thought it was awesome when I found Pat the Daddy one day on Amazon.  I had no idea what the book was about, and even though I was taking a bit of a risk, I had to order it. 

DSC_2512 W For those of you who know what happened to Gary’s manroom, you’d understand how funny this one page was in the book:

DSC_2514 WDSC_2516 W  Awesome.  Great details.  Right down to that freaking deer head.

DSC_2526 W DSC_2529 W Then we went hiking at Tannehill State Park.

DSC_2541 W DSC_2544 W DSC_2552 W We got home and I told Gary to turn off the baby monitor and take a nap.  We had dinner, and I made Gary a banana pudding.  I think that Gary had a great day – he certainly deserved a great Father’s Day!

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