Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation Day 2

Penelope I woke up bright and early last Tuesday, the second day of our vacation.  As soon as everyone else woke up, I started pushing everyone to get dressed so that we could go eat at The Donut Hole.  It was a great breakfast, but we ended up with entirely too much food.  On our way out, we bought a dozen donuts to eat over the next couple of days.

Then we went home and immediately put on our swimsuits so that we could go to the pool.  There was a pool in our area and then there was the big pool near the beach.  We decided to go to the big pool this day.  We had a great time.

DSC_1839 W DSC_1844 W DSC_1846 W DSC_1854 W DSC_1855 WDSC_1856 W DSC_1863 W DSC_1869 W DSC_1881 W Penelope finally gave in and took a nap while we were there.

DSC_1889 W

Yes, that is a photo of me.  I think you’ll only see one more from this vacation, but at least my existence was documented.  I have some really cute photos of Nana playing with the kids in the pool, but I just have this feeling that she wouldn’t want me posting photos of her in the pool on the blog.  She doesn’t like photos of herself when her hair and makeup aren’t properly done!

After the pool, we grabbed some lunch and went back to the condo.  I took a shower while Gary bathed the kids, then everyone ate lunch.  After lunch, it was naptime.  During naptime, Nana and I went to the grocery store so that we wouldn’t have to keep eating out and picking up food all the time. 

After naptime, I was supposed to have a work conference call.  I sat out on the condo patio for a while and waited on the call, while e-mailing everyone asking when I was going to be called.  Turns out that the folks at the office decided they didn’t need me on the call.  But, I enjoyed my time on the patio and even took a photo of the view with my iPhone.

photo[1] - Copy W That night we went to dinner at Harbor Docks.  I forgot my camera, but took a few photos of the kids with my iPhone.

photo_1[1] - Copy (2) W photo_2[1] - Copy (2) W photo_3[1] - Copy W photo_4[1] W We sat outside for dinner, and got to watch the boats go by.  We also got to see some birds fly by.  And we waved bye-bye to them all.

photo_5[1] W

We also had a great waitress who gave all four of the kids some Harbor Docks t-shirts.  They are a little big for everyone now, but I’m sure we’ll be wearing them in no time.

Another great day for us all. 

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Cathy said...

Looks like an awesome vacation (trip) already! The kids look like they are having a big time at the pool. I can't way to read more!