Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who is that Bearded Man?!!


It’s GARY!  He didn’t shave over the long Christmas weekend . . . and hasn’t really shaved since.  I really like the beard.  The kids seem to like it, too.

Gary keeps joking with me that he’s going to buy some stuff to dye his beard black.  Well, he says that he’s just joking. . . .  I sure hope he is!


Brooke Hurley said...

I like the beard!!!

JoLynn said...

My husband has had a beard since college - about 25 years. He has said the same thing as it gets more white in it. I have convinced him not to dye it but keep it trimmed nice and short. The natural colors are cool and dying it makes it look so fake. Plus you have to really keep up on it because facial hair is more noticeable than regular hair!

Pretty weird seeing him in a beard when I am just used to seeing photos without it!

Esther and Brian said...

Somewhat off subject here: I just realized, looking at Gary's photo, how much the kiddos resemble him in the face. Eyes especially, right?
(although I am sure that they resemble you, too!)

Heather said...

JoLynn -- it surprises me still when I see him! We are going to have to be strong and keep our hubbies from dyeing their beards!

Esther -- the kids do resemble Gary, especially Piper and Rosemary!! My mom always tells Gary that she had no idea what a beautiful girl he would make until she saw our big girls. :)