Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Annual Shameless Request for Votes

Our fabulous photographer, Heather Swanner, has been taking photos of the big kids since we brought them home from the hospital, and has done the same with Penelope.  She took some amazing family photos of us all late last year.  Like last year, Heather is having a contest.  If we win, we can get a free photo session (which this mama would LOVE)!  I would love for you all to vote for us!   

How to vote for us:

Go HERE and leave a comment on that blog post that you are voting for #46 ~ Life As They Know It.  If you like Heather Swanner on Facebook, we will get two votes if you include a note that you are a Facebook fan in the comment you make on that blog post (there is NO voting on Facebook so please do not try to vote on Facebook).

And . . . that’s it!!  This year you can only vote once (not once a day), and you can only vote on the blog, so it’s easy!!  Plus, Heather is checking IP addresses and confirming Facebook likers to make sure that everyone follows the rules.  The contest ends at midnight on January 9, 2012.  We’d very much appreciate your vote! 

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Lora G said...

Our "shameless" posts are almost identical :)