Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pearly Whites

This morning Miss Sally and I took the kids to the pediatric dentist.  The last visit we had 6 months ago was, well, pretty bad.  I was prepared for the same sort of visit today, but everyone was great!!  The kids talk a lot about being brave (which to them means not crying), and Henry is typically the most brave.  For instance, when he got his flu shot, he barely winced.  Piper, on the other hand, will be the first to tell you that she was not brave because she cried (and in fact, I had to chase her down).

The big kids even got x-rays of their teeth, and everything looks good.  Rosemary has the best spacing, followed by Piper.  The two of them may avoid braces.  Henry’s teeth are very crowded and is probably on the way to braces.  Penelope doesn’t have an appointment until the next visit, but she definitely has crowded teeth like Henry.  If we could get away with 2 out of 4 on braces, I’d consider that a huge win, especially considering that Gary and I, as well as all of our siblings, had braces.

And speaking of pearly whites, I’m sure you’re all interested to know that Rosemary still has her signature smile:

DSC_0058But she’s now also developed a look that shows a bit of her attitude. . . .


That last shot is pure Rosemary. 


Nana said...

Oh I love my girl's smile! Sweet Rosemary,she makes me smile!

beth said...

oh she is beautiful (well they all are ) that last picture makes me think of a model. she so could be a model.