Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Makes Me Happy


It is a dining set that can sit all 6 of us.  After a lot of looking and shopping and thinking, we ordered it back in December.  It came in recently, but we haven’t had time to go pick it up.  Gary had a big surprise for me yesterday when he came home with the table, chairs, and bench!  He left work early to pick it up and surprise me.  I haven’t been that excited over a surprise in a really long time.  Gary and I can finally comfortably sit down and eat with the kids, and we had our first meal together this morning for breakfast.  It makes me happier than I ever thought it would.  Mealtime just became a LOT more fun. 

And it’s pretty nice to be rid of that glass-top table that required glass cleaner 4-5 times a day. . . .


Kari said...

I understand! I searched for the "right" set for a long time and mine also makes me very happy. Mealtimes together are awesome! :)

JoLynn said...

The table is beautiful.

And your decision to gather your family around it during mealtimes is even more beautiful. Now that's building a legacy!