Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Toes . . . Growing Up

Yesterday was mani-pedi day in the Lee household.  Gary is the official nail clipper, and I’m the official toe painter.  The big girls love it when I “take paint off put new on” their toes.  Penelope had never seemed to really notice the whole nail-painting thing going on.  But yesterday, as she was sitting in Gary’s lap getting her nails clipped and I was taking the polish off the big girls’ toes, Penelope started screaming.  I had no idea what she was screaming about until Gary said, “will you PLEASE put a cotton ball on her toes?”  As soon as I put the cotton ball on her toes, she was happy.

Gary finished clipping Penelope’s nails about the same time I was painting the big girls’ toes.  Penelope walked right over, sat down, and shoved her feet into my face.  She would not take no for an answer – she was going to get her toes painted!

DSC_9991Penelope was so proud of her painted toes.  She walked around all day shoving her feet into our faces and saying, “Toes!!”  As soon as Penelope came downstairs this morning, she waved her feet and yelled, “Toes!” to Miss Sally until Miss Sally complimented her toes. 

She’s growing up!


JoLynn said...

So cute!

Janine said...

oh that is so so sweet!!! I love little toes!!! :)