Monday, January 16, 2012

The Energy Doctor

Since Rosemary has been treated by our new allergy/asthma doctor, her asthma has been extremely under control.  In fact, we now realize that she has been somewhat out of control for a while and we just didn’t know.  Although I really hate that we had that whole incident where we ended up at the ER, I’m extremely grateful for the treatment we are receiving now.

Another thing I’ve realized from seeing Rosemary’s improvement is that Gary, who we’ve known has allergy issues that have been only sporadically treated, has asthma himself.  After a little bit of nudging from me, I convinced Gary to make an appointment with Rosemary’s doctor (who treats both pediatric and adult patients).  His appointment was last week.  He had full allergy testing.  He does has asthma as well, and is now being treated for it.  I think that he is going to see a lot of improvement in the coming weeks.

The kids think it’s crazy that Gary went to the allergy doctor like Rosemary did.  It’s been a huge topic of conversation.  Knowing that, I was actually able to interpret the text that Auntie Ann sent me on Friday when she was hanging out with the kids:

I just told Piper I didn't have the energy to tie her shoe and Rosemary started saying, "I have energys.  I go to energy doctor.  Daddy have energys too.  He go to energy doctor too."

Allergy doctor.  Energy doctor.  Eh, close enough.  Regardless, we’ve all gotten a huge kick out of that one!

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Ann said...

Not sure what I've laughed about more...the "energy doctor" or the "I don't want to talk" comment made at the dinner table the other night. Such a funny girl!