Friday, January 6, 2012

Train Obsession

Henry has recently developed a love for trains (and we’re so lucky that Santa brought him some trains and tracks).  Until now, there wasn’t really anything that Henry was really “into” but now I think that trains are his thing!   The biggest problem we have is keeping the girls from destroying his handiwork.

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We heard from the neurosurgeon yesterday.  He has reviewed Henry’s CT scans, and believes that the hole in Henry’s skull is nothing to be worried about and is probably just a natural thing that will not affect Henry adversely.  He does, however, want to see Henry.  We have an appointment with him on February 6 (I keep telling myself that it can’t be that bad or he would have set up the appointment for an earlier date). 

When I tried to set up Henry’s appointment with the Concussion Clinic, I learned that the Concussion Clinic doesn’t see children as young as Henry.  I’ll admit that I wasn't very happy to learn that the ER sent us home with completely inaccurate discharge instructions (on top of them not being as attentive as I think they should have been and telling us that we had probably “forgotten” about Henry having some sort of brain surgery).  Ugh.  I have, however, been laughing about how when we were at the ER with Henry that Gary told the nurse practitioner not to rule out the possibility of an alien abduction because, you know, that’s about as likely as our “forgetting” about our son having brain surgery. 

Regardless, Henry is doing great and is acting like his normal self these days.  He woke up Sunday night with croup (for the third time since this summer), but we were able to get it under control and took him to the pediatrician in Monday to get some meds to take care of it.  The bruise on his head is still pretty bad, but it is getting better.  I’m still watching him closely and can’t help but worry more than a little, but fortunately I’m not finding a lot to worry about. 


Peggy said...

I had a train when I was little and was only allowed to put it up at Christmas time around the tree! We always loved having it and some "wrecks" happening. Chan and I also have a train, but it is boxed up right now. I think Henry's train looks like a load of fun for him!!

Esther and Brian said...

Oh, Henry need a playdate with Eric, who's been obsessed with trains for over a year now!

I don't blame you for worrying- I would be, too. Even if I felt that nothing was wrong, I would be worried before meeting with a real specialist...wishing you the best...and try not to worry too much! Hugs...

Heather said...

Thank you, Peggy! :)

And Esther, I just wish that Henry and Eric could have a playdate. . . . If you're ever in town. :) Thank you -- I'll be glad when we have the appointment and get some real (hopefully very good) information.