Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Teeth

Tonight I was brushing Penelope’s teeth and was SHOCKED to see that she has in 4 molars.  Her bottom two molars are almost completely in and her top two molars are just now poking through.  It’s strange because she’s been in a really good mood lately.  She was a little fussy the last two nights, but nothing that a little Tylenol couldn’t handle (and since she has a cold, I had assumed that was the problem).

Piper and Rosemary’s teeth came in a little out of order because their top outside teeth came in before the middle teeth, making them look like vampires.  Henry’s teeth came in the proper order, getting 4 teeth in at a time each time.  I had wondered what was going on with Penelope because it’s been forever since she’s gotten in any teeth (and I’ve been dreading it).  It seems like she’s had 6 teeth forever (four on top and two on the bottom).  I’ve been waiting for some more bottom teeth to come in, and never thought to look for molars. 

In addition to those other two bottom teeth, I also thought that the other 4 non-molar teeth would come in before the molars came in.  When I saw Penelope’s molars, I assumed her teeth were coming in a strange order like Piper and Rosemary’s did.  But my mom told me that the molars come in before the other 4 non-molar teeth do.  Not that I didn’t believe my mom, but I confirmed it here.  What?!  How in the world do I have four kids and still don’t understand what order teeth come in?  Well, I’ll probably never know if I don’t know by now.

P.S.  Our first soccer game was yesterday.  I have photos and stories to share – just have to get the photos uploaded and the post written. . . .

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