Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Soccer Game

Friday night was the kids’ first soccer game.  Except that we call them “playdays” instead of games because we practice for 30 minutes or so then play a short game.  The kids started out by practicing by jumping over some cones.

DSC_4285 W DSC_4289 W DSC_4356 W A coach from the soccer club showed up to lead the kids through some exercises, then the kids played a game.

DSC_4313 W DSC_4318 W DSC_4360 W DSC_4383 W DSC_4405 W DSC_4444 W Looks like the kids had a great time, doesn’t it?  Now, the kids keep telling us that they had a great time.  But the photos above misrepresent things just a bit. . . .

Let’s start with this photo:

DSC_4302 W That’s Henry.  Holding on to my leg for dear life.

He was there for quite a while.

And here’s what the kids did when they first saw those orange cones they were supposed to jump over.

DSC_4275 W DSC_4276 W Well, that’s what the girls were doing. 

Henry was holding onto my leg.

And then here’s what the kids were doing as the other kids were being led through some exercises.

DSC_4346 W DSC_4350 W DSC_4365 W DSC_4397 WDSC_4440 W While the kids were doing everything except what they were supposed to be doing, Penelope decided to start kicking the soccer ball around a bit herself.

DSC_4426 W Seriously.  Penelope would totally have gone out there and done everything that the kids were supposed to be doing.

DSC_4435 W There was this one moment with Henry, though, when I thought he was going to get in on some action in the soccer game.

DSC_4418 W He was accidentally standing on the soccer field during the game.  And the kids started getting closer and closer to him.

DSC_4462 W ~ permission I started getting excited.  I mean really excited.  He was practically going to be in the middle of the pack of kids playing soccer.  He may even accidentally touch the soccer ball!  They got closer.  And closer.  And closer. . . .

And he ran.

Toward us.

As fast as he could go.

DSC_4456 W Oh well.  We’ve got lots more games.  At least the kids had fun and can’t wait for the next game!


Lindsey Wolfe said...

Awesome! ha! Logan starts the 24th... Should be uhm - interesting? ha!

Peggy said...

that is the cutest post ever!!

Peggy said...

That is the cutest post ever!

Antonia from the UK said...

That's hilarious! Love the contrast between the story the first set of photos appear to be telling and the second set that tell the full story.

esther said...

love it! we'd like to get out twinkie boys into soccer this year, too!

different subject: we started prek-3 this year, too- turned 3 in late twins are close in height to henry (36.5 and 37in)--do you also find that most kids in the class are a lot taller than him? i do!!! of course at 25lb we are going to be the lightest, but boy, everyone seems so much bigger! granted, we are the youngest and most kids are 3.5, almost 4..if we would have been born full-term, we would not have been able to start this year anyways...just curious if it's like that down in alabama, too!

Heather said...

Esther -- YES! We have the same issue last year, and had the kids been born on time, they would have been in a completely different playschool class. Last year, we'd take the kids to playschool and it would 100% look like they didn't belong there. Some kids looked like they were a full foot taller than our kids. BUT we are repeating that playschool class this year (so they are in the class they would have been had they been born on time) and the kids look about like all the other kids. I suspect that Rosemary will definitely be one of the shortest kids in her class pretty much forever, but Piper and Henry will probably just fit right in as average (or at least not noticeably shorter than everyone else).

Heather said...

Esther -- do you have a blog? If you do, I'd love for you to e-mail me the link so I can follow along (if you feel comfortable with that)!