Friday, September 23, 2011

A Hiking Weekend

This past weekend we took the kids on two hikes.  We all had a great time and really enjoyed getting outside in some cooler weather.  On Saturday we went to Moss Rock Preserve, and Sunday we went to Oak Mountain.  Here are some photos from our grueling 1.5 hour 0.4 mile hike on Saturday (no seriously, zero.point.four mile hike – Gary and I could have sworn it was several miles):

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Esther and Brian said...

We love going on trails and doing some hiking, too! We got 3-4 times a week in the evenings when hubby gets home- there are some very close to our house. Good for all of us, right? Fresh air, clear minds, energy out...So, on the photo where Piper and Rosemary are sitting next to each other- I swear they look more identical than I have ever seen them. Do you still wonder on their zygosity or have you just put the thought away for now, Heather?

Heather said...

We all love it! It's a nice way to get outside and do something without really doing anything. . . . Gary and I think that they are identical. It's hard to explain, but they look so much more alike in person than in photos. I can always tell them apart in photos, but it's harder in person. But anyway, just last night Gary said that we were going to have to have them tested because he couldn't stand not knowing any longer! He's always been the holdout and wasn't sure he wanted to know, but I have a feeling we're going to be testing them soon. :)