Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Playschool

Yesterday was the big kids’ first day of playschool for this year.  Tropical Storm Lee came through this past weekend and brought around 7 inches of rain on Monday, and really caused the temperatures to drop.  I was absolutely NOT expecting for the high yesterday to be in the low 60s.  Yesterday I read on my favorite local weather blog that the average high in Alabama on September 6 is 88, so a high of almost 30 degrees lower was highly unusual for us.  

I’ve been really happy that the temperatures are lower, but it caused me to panic a bit yesterday morning when I realized that the kids needed to wear some warmer clothes than anticipated.  I ended up digging through the fall clothes I’ve stashed in Penelope’s closet trying to find something suitable for the first day of school.  Henry pretty much will only agree to wear jeans and polo shirts these days, so he was easy.  For the big girls, I hadn’t bought fall shoes yet, so that limited my wardrobe options a bit.  At least everyone had some (mostly) new sneakers for the first day of school.

DSC_4202 W Thankfully, I found something and we managed to convince everyone to get dressed (the kids care entirely too much about what they wear these days).  The kids had breakfast then we followed that up with the obligatory first day of school photos.

DSC_4198 W DSC_4213 W DSC_4216 WRosemary was definitely the most excited about going to school again.  She couldn’t stop smiling.

DSC_4231 WPenelope kept trying to get in on the action and wanted her photo taken as well.

DSC_4206 W

I was pretty excited when I asked the kids to stand in front of the table and they actually did it. 

DSC_4220 W Next year maybe all three of them will look at the camera!  Since I got a decent photo of the three big kids, I got a little greedy and tried to get a photo of all four kids, which actually was really fun to the kids.

DSC_4247 WDSC_4254 W Despite the obvious technical flaws in that last photo, I think it’s possibly one of my top favorite photos that ever that I’ve taken!


JoLynn said...


Your kids have beautiful eyes!

Lindsey Wolfe said...

All the pictures are adorable! But that close up of Rosemary - oh my goodness - beautiful!!!

prettyhelmet said...

toddlers in converse completely justify the $28 a pair price tag.

congrats on going back to school kiddos!