Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Weekend

I’m way behind on blogging.  I feel like I have so much to say, but not enough time to say it all, so I get overwhelmed and don’t say anything.  I’m going to try to just get some things out there.  I’ve been quite busy at work, which always makes everything else a little hectic.  But I think things may calm down a little as we get farther into September. . . .

So I’ll start with last week.  I had a work retreat in Atlanta from Thursday until Saturday.  Gary got to spend some quality time with the kids and I think they had fun.  He was kind enough to text me some photos of the kids sleeping each night, and send a few other photos here and there for me while I was in my meetings.  Overall it was a productive work retreat, but I was glad when I got on the road to come home.

The Boudreaux Trio turned 2 on Sunday, and they had their birthday party last Saturday.  We were lucky enough to be invited, and luckily the timing worked out where I met Gary and the kids at the party on my way back into town.  Brian grilled some burgers which Penelope especially enjoyed.

DSC_4003 WAnd we had cake.  The big kids are definitely figuring out this cake at birthday parties thing.  They know that when people start singing that the cake is not far behind.  Piper really cracked me up because I told her to sit down after the “party day song” (as the kids call it), she said, “But I need my cake!”  Not want, NEED.  She did get her cake, and we got to watch the birthday girls and boy enjoy their cakes as well!

DSC_4025 W It was a great party to start off my weekend.  Sunday we did some grocery shopping (it was Rosemary’s turn to go with me and she really enjoyed herself), some cooking, some napping, and some laundry.  And it didn’t even bother me that much that my weekend was cut short from the work retreat because I knew we had this long holiday weekend coming up.  I hope you’re all enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

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