Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Some Photos. . . .

DSC_4552 W

(Henry really wanted my Starbucks, so I gave him my empty cup.  He walked around with it, “drinking” from the cup for a while.  I was shocked at the level of imitation he has mastered.)

DSC_4567 WDSC_4574 W DSC_4581 W DSC_4585 W (Have I mentioned before that our Dora undies are our favorites?)

DSC_4589 W DSC_4592 W DSC_4595 W DSC_4602 W DSC_4603 W DSC_4604 W (The kids tried to climb these trees, then Daddy jumped in and tried, too.  Rosemary announced, “Daddies no climb trees!  Monkeys climb trees!”)

DSC_4624 W DSC_4646 W DSC_4648 W DSC_4657 W DSC_4667 W Happy Friday!


JoLynn said...

So cute. Love the little picture of Penelope from the back with the big tree.

prettyhelmet said...

Rosemary is flashing the fishies in the first photo. What a little stinker.