Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Haircut

We have a photo session with the fabulous Heather Swanner coming up soon, so I wanted the kids to have haircuts beforehand.  Even though Peter has been cutting only Piper and Rosemary’s hair lately, we thought that he’d do a great job with Henry’s hair as well.  And since the other 3 kids were getting their hair cut, it only made sense to get Penelope’s hair cut, too.  She didn’t exactly have a mullet yet, but you could totally tell that one morning we were going to wake up and it would just be there.

Penelope only agreed to have her hair cut if she was holding a sucker and sitting in Gary’s lap.  And she was pretty discriminating about her haircut.

DSC_5178 W In the end, all things considered, I think her haircut went very well, and she looked great once it was done.

DSC_5170 WAfter Penelope’s haircut, Rosemary, then Piper, then Henry had their hair cut.

DSC_5182 W DSC_5192 W DSC_5214 W After the haircuts, we grabbed lunch at Dreamland (delicious!) then walked across the street to play on a playground.  Piper had no fear.  Gary, on the other hand, was a little nervous about Piper’s climbing skills and didn’t move far away.

DSC_5231 W But we didn’t have any trips to the ER this past weekend!

DSC_5242 W

Definitely a great – and productive – Saturday. 


Esther and Brian said...

Oh my, I love that photo of Henry at the salon! His face structure looks so much like my Patrick's...super cute kiddo (both of them!) :)

Amber said...

Funny I read this post tonight. I actually met your mom today at the salon! I had to stop by to deliver something to Haley and she was in the chair getting her hair colored! Such a small world. I told her how much I loved reading your blog!