Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update on Henry’s New Room

Overall, it’s going great.  Really great.  As far as I know, Henry hasn’t fallen out of his bed yet.  He doesn’t seem to be scared at all, and bedtime and naptime is 100% easier than it was before.  See, Piper is just going to sleep as soon as she is in bed.  That girl loves her sleep, and nothing is going to stop her from sleeping.  But Henry and Rosemary . . . they want to play.  Piper will sleep through it, but it’s not easy to get Henry and Rosemary to sleep in the same room.  Now that Henry has his own room, Henry and Rosemary both lay down and just go to sleep.  It’s great.  It’s so simple. 

I asked Henry the other day if he missed Piper and Rosemary’s room.  He thought about it for a little while then said, “No.  But I miss my Rosemary.”  Seriously, how sweet is that?!!  Of course, that’s the precise reason that they didn’t need to be in a room together, but it was so sweet.

In other news, this past weekend, Rosemary informed me that she is not a girl.  Then what is she?  She is a princess, folks.  Of course.  We’re going to need a lot of help with that child.  I can just tell.


Stephanie Panza said...

LOVED this post! Nothing has changed... Piper loves sleep and Rosemary and Henry play. Oh, and Rosemary is a princess! I always knew she thought it, but now she can verbalize it :)

Erika Folse said...

Hahaha, tell Rosemary that she is brilliant for me :)