Friday, April 20, 2012


For those of you who were following this blog before it was a blog, you may remember the e-mail update I sent out attaching a photo of Rosemary at 3 weeks old wearing Gary’s wedding band as a bracelet.  I started this blog right after that e-mail update.  I think a lot about that photo.  No matter what it is that we’re worrying about, Gary and I have always said that photo gives us perspective.   

I’m doing a photography project 52 this year.  Each week, we get a different theme and then take a photo that shows our interpretation of that theme.  This week, the theme is Perspective.

I immediately knew what I wanted to do. 


I’ve experienced such a rush of emotions since I took these photos Tuesday morning.  I’ve thought back to when she was born and we learned that she only weighed 1 pound 14 ounces.


I’ve thought back to when she was about a week old and had to have a lumbar puncture, which is a nice name for a spinal tap. I’ve thought about how I sat outside the NICU bawling, waiting for them to finish the procedure, terrified of what we’d learn. 


I’ve thought about how we had her assessed for developmental delays when she was 7 months old and we were told that she had the motor skills of a 2 month old.  And I’ve thought about all the therapy we’ve been a part of since then. . . .


I can’t even put into words all the thoughts and feelings these photos have brought to me.  But now . . . now . . . we can celebrate that she is a happy, healthy, smart almost-4-year-old that has caught up on all of her developmental milestones and will be finished with her therapy (we only have speech left) after next month.  Oh, and she has declared that she is not a girl – she is a princess.  Which is absolutely perfect.


Taking these photos was unbelievably emotional for me, but I’m so glad I’ve gone through this process and felt these emotions.  She is such an amazing little miracle. 


Janine said...

Heather! These pictures are amazing. Absolutely breathtaking. I can only imagine the emotion that they create for your family. Having had a baby in a NICU, with an unknown prognosis, is something we also experienced, albeit to a different degree. (i.e. a bigger baby and a singleton) But looking back at my own pictures of Keagan in the "box" is still somewhat painful to me. I am a huge supporter of March of Dimes and whenever we get together I am always amazed, and moved to tears, by the stories others share. And the miracles that families like mine, and yours, have experienced. Thank you for sharing these pictures, they are absolutely perfect, simple yet tell such a deep and personal story.

JoLynn said...

These photos brought tears to my eyes!

God is so good. I totally understand the rush of emotions that can happen.

beth said...

love the photos

heatherstockett said...

What a precious little princess you have! I know I just found you through M4H 52 project,but I hope that I can continue to keep up with you and your family. I will add to you my blog list if that's ok :)

Prayers for her continued WONDERFUL progress. Our God is an amazing healer.

Cathy said...

You know that these made me cry. They are amazing, as is your little princess.

Lindsey Wolfe said...

OH! That made me all teary! So happy all four of your babies are happy and healthy and perfect!

Lisa said...

Wow. Love this post and these images. She is adorable, beautiful and lovely. Thank you for sharing this intimate time in your life!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

So many goosebumps while reading this. I can't even imagine having a baby that tiny.

Definitely puts things into perspective.

Kirstin said...

I love love love this set of photos. What a perfect way to address your homework assignment, and what a beautiful little girl she has turned out to be.

(I was in your tcoyf buddy group (aguafresca) and still check your blog because the kids are so cute!)

Heather said...

Thank you everyone, so much. These comments have just made my day, over and over again. :) We are so thankful to have all of our little miracles, and it helps to remember where we started, especially on those days when everyday life starts to control.

And Kirstin -- it's so wonderful to hear from you! Thanks so much for keeping up with us. :)

Leclercq Family said...

Hi Heather! I love these pictures and your captions. I am working at a local hospital as a NICU Family Support Specialist and we are putting together a Journal of Hope- a book combining NICU stories to provide hope for families currently going through the NICU experience. These pictures and your story would be awesome to include in our book. Would you have any interest in sharing them with us? Email me- or and maybe I can tell you more about it. I love following your blog. I have 2 girls and 1 boy triplets also- about 6 months behind yours and now a 11 week old little boy. Thanks! Julie

Anonymous said...

OMG - I cannot believe those photos! To think that her entire hand just slipped right into that ring, and look at her now! You need to post this picture on the bulletin board outside NICU so all the new parents can see it!!

Love, Aunt Cindy :)