Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Last Sunday, after the kids saw their Easter baskets and while we were eating breakfast, we noticed something sitting in the backyard.  After closer inspection, we found out it was an egg.  As Gary and I were discussing where it could have come from, Henry announced that “that Bunny” had left them and they needed to go find them.  The kids quickly dumped their baskets and took off into the backyard.




Penelope was not really sure of what was going on, other than that there were jelly beans in the eggs.  She did find a couple of eggs by herself, and then found several eggs in the big kids’ baskets when they weren’t looking.



Piper was the clear winner at finding eggs.  She had a basketful of eggs.  I found that funny, because Piper is usually the one who can’t see anything sitting in front of her face.  One of our favorite family phrases is:  “On you plate!  Next to you peas!!” which is what Rosemary yelled at Piper one day when Piper was asking for more chicken and we told her that first she had to finish what she had on her plate (Piper had been insisting that her chicken was gone).








The kids keep asking when the Easter Bunny will be back.  We’ve told them that first they will have a birthday, then Penelope will have a birthday, then it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Santa Claus would come again before the Easter Bunny does.  They’re pretty disappointed.

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