Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Zoo

We had a trip to the zoo while Uncle Seth and Sydney were visiting us this past weekend.  The first thing that we did was go see all the “monkeys” – which is always a huge hit.


Then we saw that there was a kangaroo show on the schedule, so we headed over to that area to check that out. 


Although we were trying to hold it off for a little bit, the kids absolutely had to ride the train after that.  We try not to ride the train every time we go to the zoo (simply because it costs money), but when a cousin is in town, we go all out and all have a train ride!  There was a huge line for the train on Sunday, but it went faster than expected.  We had a great train conductor, too, which always makes the zoo train ride a lot more fun. 


After the train, we all have to ring the bell. . . .


We had to check out the elephants. . . .


Then everyone was pretty worn out and hungry, so we left the zoo and headed out to the picnic area to eat a lunch that we had packed.  We saw a couple of ladybugs while we were eating, which was very entertaining. 


All in all we had a great weekend!  Hopefully Uncle Seth and cousin Sydney can visit us again really soon.

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