Saturday, July 30, 2011

A New Era . . . for the Nebulizer, Anyway

DSC_3123 WGiving Rosemary a nebulizer treatment used to be quite the job.  We would sing, play pat-a-cake, and generally do whatever we could to keep her occupied.  Yet we’d still spend a good part of the treatment pretty much forcing her to take it.  Now we just turn on some Dora and leave her alone to handle it herself.  Times have changed.DSC_3125 W

Did you notice our guest in the chair?  Isn’t our friend the bear cute?  Gary’s sister, Cindy, and her family gave the bear to the kids for their birthday.  We call him “Bear” (because we’re creative and all).  That is his chair.  He goes to sleep at night and wears a sombrero over his eyes.  Rosemary initially was not very fond of Bear, so we had to make him go to sleep for her to get a little more comfortable with him.  Now she’ll even touch him when he’s awake.  Progress all around. 

1 comment:

JoLynn said...

Makes sense that bear has to sit in the chair where you can't see the TV...can't give up a prime spot when someone else would need it!

I think I would be afraid of a stuffed animal twice my size, too!