Sunday, July 3, 2011

Work Phone Call

This past Thursday Miss Sally had to leave early so I came home from work to watch the kids.  A couple of hours in, I got a call from someone at work saying that a client – who I had never spoken to before – needed to talk to someone that afternoon and I was the best person for the call.  Piper and Rosemary were asleep, and Henry was watching television while Penelope played quietly, so I quickly called.

A few minutes into the call, I saw Henry go into the hallway to use his potty.  Not long later, he yelled, “I teetee’d in the potty!”  Henry was not that nearby, so I decided that my client probably didn’t hear him and tried to continue my call.  Then, while standing at the potty with his underwear (or “panties” as he calls them – we’re working on that) around his ankles, Henry yelled, “MAMA!  I teetee’d in the potty!”  I gave him a big smile and held up the teetee treats to let him know that I was on it.

But that wasn’t good enough for Henry.

He started shuffling to me, underwear still around his ankles, yelling, “MAMA!  I teetee’d in the potty!!  I TEETEE’D IN THE POTTY!!  MAMA!!  I TEETEE’D IN THE POTTY!!!!”  At this point he was standing right next to me, and my client on the phone cracked up laughing.  I said, “I’m sorry, but I’m working from home this afternoon . . . and my son just teetee’d in the potty.” 

The list of things that I say that I never thought I’d say on a work call is getting longer and longer. . . .

As an aside, potty training is going extremely well.  In fact, I think we can go so far as to say that the kids ARE potty trained except for naptime and overnight.  We felt confident enough to take them in panties and underwear to Costco today, and last week at church camp we did the same and they just had a few very minor accidents while they were standing in line to use the potty.  There have been several naptimes when Piper or Rosemary wake up dry, so we may be on our way to naptime independence as well.  I’m pretty shocked at how well – and quickly – this has gone.  Fingers crossed this continues.


JoLynn said...

That's a really great accomplishment! Did you do all the kids at once? I am going to start with Adam because he is much more interested (and successful). Any tips you'd like to pass along?

Tina Michelle said...

How funny! At least the client laughed!

Heather said...

JoLynn, I wish I had some tips! I think we just got lucky. We really just flew by the seat of our pants on this. My theory (developed from talking to friends) was that if we waited until they were totally ready then it would be easy. That seems to have worked for us. The one thing with our kids is that they will wear a wet or dirty diaper forever. They don't care. So, we had to put them in real underwear so that they were aware enough of the need to go to pay attention. We give them one skittle for each time they teetee, and if they poop in the potty they get to pick a special type of candy from a big bag of candy (it was actually the candy I bought to stuff the pinata that was left over from the birthday party). Other than that, no special tricks for us. I'm with you on starting with the one that is interested. There for a couple of days I was thinking that we'd have to put Henry back in diapers -- and I was fine with that -- but he ended up doing fine and surprising us.