Thursday, July 7, 2011

Church Camp ~ Pirates, Princesses, and Fairy Tales

Last week the kids had church camp.  The theme was “Pirates, Princesses, and Fairy Tales.”  Next week is another church camp on “Beach and Ocean Fun” and I know the kids are going to be really excited.  The kids loved getting to spend some time away from home this summer while school is out.  Here’s what the kids’ camp teacher had to say about them in some notes at the end of the week:

To Piper’s Mommy & Daddy – I have really enjoyed getting to know Piper this week :) !  She is such a talker and has enjoyed camp, and has really enjoyed puzzles too!  I love hearing her say “I need help!”  :)  She is doing great on the potty – keep up the great work and I will see you in a couple weeks! 

To Henry’s Mommy & Daddy – What a sweet soft spoken boy!  Henry has been so much fun to have this week – I am glad that we only had a few tears initially :) !  He had a great time – and is doing so good on the potty.  What a big boy!  I can’t wait to see you at camp in a few weeks!

To Rosemary’s Mommy & Daddy – Rosemary has such a sweet smile – she has been such a joy to have this week :) !  She really enjoyed sitting with Piper and working on puzzles – and also was the first to check on her friends!  Keep up the great work on teh potty – you are doing awesome :) !

The kids had a great time, and brought home lots of loot that they made during the week.  The favorite were some magic wands that Piper and Rosemary made. 

But I eventually had to take the magic wands away.  See, the kids started using them to turn each other into frogs and bunnies.  Sometimes one of them didn’t want to be a frog or bunny, and they were really upset when they all of the sudden became a frog or bunny and the person holding the magic wand refused to reverse things.  After much screaming and crying, I took away the magic wands and turned everyone back into little boys and girls.  Problem solved – for now!

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Cindy Grant said...

Hi Heather -

I love the story about the magic wand and distress of being involuntarily turned into a frog...LOL. Too funny :)

Love to all - Cindy