Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three-Year Check-Up

Today we had the kids’ three-year check-up.  I think it went really well.  No one had ear infections, and everyone was declared healthy!  Henry was particularly funny.  Each time the doctor tried to examine Henry, Henry insisted that it was Piper or Rosemary’s turn, which was quite entertaining.

The biggest news is the kids’ height and weight changes.  We’ve always kept a close eye on the kids’ growth and, consequently, the food they eat.  I think it’s probably just how one reacts to having three really small babies.  Basically, we had a 4-pounder, a 3-pounder, and an almost-2-pounder when the kids were born.  For a while we looked at the growth charts and developmental milestones based on two ages -- the kids’ actual age (how old they really are) versus their adjusted age (how old they would be had they been born at their due date).  By around 18 months, the doctors expect that they should be mostly caught up and adjusted age should be disregarded.  Our kids have been slowly, but surely, moving up their curves on the growth chart.  Rosemary was 2 before she hit the growth chart (meaning she was above the 3rd percentile for anything other than head circumference), but she is definitely moving up.

Based on last year’s statistics, the kids have fallen on the growth chart for height.  But they’ve gone up the chart for weight!  The way I see it, the only thing that we can really attempt to control is weight, and that’s going well.  The kids certainly have the genes to be not-so-tall anyway.

So, without further ado, here are the stats from today:

35 inches tall (10th percentile)
30 pounds (50th percentile)

36 1/4 inches tall (25th percentile)
29 pounds (25th percentile)

34 inches tall (3rd percentile)
27 pounds (25th percentile)

Now, according to the pediatrician, Rosemary’s 34 inches puts her in the 3rd percentile range.  I’m not saying that’s not right, but I saw that chart.  It only went down to the 5th percentile and Rosemary was waaaaaaay below that line.  But we’ll go with the 3rd percentile for now!

Their next check-up is when the kids are 4 years old.  If only we could go that long without trips to the pediatrician’s office. . . .

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Esther and Brian said...

awwwww..the kiddos are doing great! they are growing- and you are right, you cannot control their heights! i can't, either- i have no idea where my boys will be. their dad is very tall, i am average but they are twins and preemie- so who knows? all i can do is provide them with the best foods possible and that's it...they will always be skinny- but you are doing great on the weights!!! thanks for posting these- it's always interesting...:)