Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Good Day

This past Saturday was just a good day.  We had lots of things go right.  First, we got up and went to Cracker Barrel to have breakfast with Nana and Papa.

DSC_3286 W DSC_3281 W DSC_3304 W DSC_3294 W Penelope did not disappoint.  She shoveled the hashbrown casserole into her mouth as fast as she could.  And when that was gone she started grabbing the hashbrown casserole off my plate and Nana’s plate.  No hashbrown casserole was safe around baby girl!

We went back to the house and played around a bit, then had lunch and it was naptime.  The kids didn’t nap for very long, so it didn’t take much for them to persuade us to grab some frozen yogurt for the afternoon snack.

DSC_3311 W DSC_3318 W After yogurt, the kids all went into the backyard to play soccer with Gary while I worked on dinner.  Between what Nana and Papa brought us from the garden and what I had gotten from a local farm that delivers fresh veggies to our office, we had a great summer meal of corn on the cob, squash casserole, fried okra, and sliced tomatoes.  Yummy.

DSC_3344 W DSC_3351 W I think that was the first time that the kids had fried okra.  They were a little suspicious when I first offered them a piece before dinner, but they all immediately wanted more.  Those kids know good food when they see it.

So Saturday was a good day.  A very good day.

Sunday was still a good day.  Mostly.  Sort of.  It was a hard day.  The kids woke up in a bad mood and pretty much refused to do anything we told them to do.  We decided to press forward and try to force everyone have a good day regardless, and headed to the zoo.  After a few meltdowns, we explained to the kids that if they couldn’t get it together and behave that we’d have to leave the zoo early.  They made it to the sea lion show, the monkeys, and the splash pad.  It all went way downhill after that, and ended with Gary carrying a kicking and screaming Rosemary under his arm and out of the zoo.  I was behind him with Penelope in the stroller and Piper and Henry holding on to each side of the stroller, while Henry said over and over, “Rosa no ‘have.  We go home.”  (In case you need an interpreter, that’s “Rosemary didn’t behave, so we have to go home.”) 

We were totally “those people” at the zoo on Sunday.  If you saw us, we’re sorry for the scene.  It wasn’t pretty. 

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