Sunday, August 21, 2011

Penelope’s First Birthday ~ Post Three

It’s taking me way too long to get these birthday photos posted!  I’ve been pretty busy at work, and then we’ve had a busy weekend.  Piper, Rosemary, and I went to a princess birthday party yesterday, Piper and I went to the grocery store (it was her turn), we’ve played outside, we’ve gone to Costco and out for yogurt, and last night Gary and I even got to fish an English pea out of Henry’s nose using a bulb syringe and a pair of tweezers.  Fun stuff. 

Anyway – here are some more photos from Penelope’s birthday party, the cake edition.

As soon as Penelope saw her smashcake, she had no hesitation.  She knew that it was hers and it was going to be good.

DSC_9941 W

She dug right in. . . .

125 WDSC_9959 W

And then she started shoveling the cake into her mouth, which was a source of great entertainment to the big kids.

133 WDSC_9977 W145 WDSC_0010 WDSC_0027 W

At one point the big kids could no longer control themselves.  They had to have a little taste of Penelope’s cake.

DSC_0038 WDSC_0056 W167 WDSC_0060 W

Penelope really loved her cake!

171 W

And boy was she a mess to clean up.  It took both Gary and I to get her clean.

188 W

As always, thanks to Amanda and Cathy for the awesome photos!  I think I’ve got one more post from the birthday party, and hopefully I’ll get that up early this week and move on to current life!


Cathy said...

This was a seriously amazing party -- and so much fun. And the cutest birthday girl ever! Thank you for letting me be a part of it. :-)

Anonymous said...

How cute is Henry in the pic where he is laughing at Penelope? Awesome ! :)