Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Today was Rosemary’s turn to go shopping with me.  We went to Party City (a/k/a the “party store”) and Publix (the “store”).  We started with the party store and were just picking up a few last minute things for Penelope’s first birthday party next weekend.  Rosemary really loved the party store, and was especially excited about all of the balloons that were there.  We walked through the back of the store where the Halloween decorations were, though, and Rosemary immediately began saying, “I don’t like it.”  I told her to cover her eyes, and she did while I rushed out of the Halloween section.  Once we were back in the bright and happy party area of the store, I told her that she could open her eyes and she did, looked around, and declared, “I like it!”

One of the sweetest moments today was when we were about to turn into Publix, and Rosemary told me, “I want to see Pipe-ah, Henny, and baby.”  I asked her if she would be able to make it to the grocery store before she saw them, and she said yes. 

When Rosemary found out this morning that we were going shopping, she said that we needed to “buy some bananas.”  She reminded me of that repeatedly until we got home and she was able to look in the fruit bowl and see that we did indeed come home with bananas. 

image Sadly, all those bananas may not even last us the week. . . .  We eat LOTS of bananas in this house.

We had a really nice time together today, and I enjoyed getting to talk with Rosemary without much interruption.  These individual trips out are so much fun, but whoever I take with me always really misses everyone else, which makes for fun when everyone is reunited and hugs as if they haven’t seen one another in days.  Rosemary was very, very happy when we got home and she could see her brother and sisters.  I love their bond. 


Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

I think it is great that you spend time with each is so special. Love keeping up with your peas and little sprout!

Brian and Crystal said...

We do the same thing and I cherish that time I am able to spend with each individual. The funny thing is, the other two that are at home, spend half the time looking for the one that is shopping with mommy or daddy!