Monday, August 22, 2011

Penelope’s First Birthday Party ~ Post Four

The kids couldn’t wait for Penelope to open up her gifts!  We had to keep reminding them that the presents were for Penelope and NOT for them.  I don’t know that they ever really understood that concept, but they do seem to realize that Penelope’s toys are hers and that they can only play with them if she approves.

DSC_0216 WDSC_0227 WDSC_0305 W

If you could say that Penelope had a favorite gift, it would probably have to be Dolly (we are so original with names) from Nana and Papa. . . .

DSC_0275 WDSC_0240 W DSC_0247 W228 W 233 W But she also enjoyed her cards and all of her other great gifts.

DSC_0263 WDSC_0354 W She even got some help from Grandma and Henry to put together some of her toys!

DSC_0436 W

This finally concludes the first birthday party photos!  Thanks again to Cathy and Amanda for these photos!  Back to our regularly scheduled blogging activities after this. . . .


Anonymous said...

LOVE her outfit!

Anonymous said...

LOVE her outfit!