Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two More Teeth

The last two nights Penelope has gotten up more than she normally does.  Initially I was worried that she had another ear infection, but yesterday morning I was brave enough to stick my finger in her mouth and found two new teeth that are just now poking through – the center top two teeth. 

DSC_0407 WThis is particularly interesting to me because Piper and Rosemary’s teeth came in a strange order.  Their top teeth came in on the top sides first, then the two in the top middle came in, which means they looked a bit like vampires there for a little while.  This strange order, to me, makes it more likely than not that they are identical instead of fraternal, but that we still haven’t decided whether to get them tested to find out for sure. . . .

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Nana said...

Penelope looks just like you did at this age! Wow... Just like looking at pictures of you!