Wednesday, April 20, 2011

‘Nana ‘Cakes

The kids absolutely love bananas (also known as “nanas”) and they really love pancakes (also known as “cakes”).  The other weekend I decided to make them banana pancakes.  When Gary brought them downstairs after getting them up and dressed, I told them that we were having banana pancakes for breakfast.  Rosemary got a look of bemusement on her face, and it was clear that she’d never contemplated anything so wonderful as combining bananas and pancakes.  She stood there and grinned for a while, repeating “nana cakes” over and over again with that little grin on her face.  Fortunately, the banana pancakes lived up to her expectations.  Rosemary can easily take out two adult-sized ‘nana ‘cakes in a sitting!

P.S.  On the whole bed issue, I had a work event tonight, but when I got home, Gary told me that the kids were only rowdy until about 8:30 p.m. tonight.  Unfortunately, they didn’t take a nap today.  I just keep telling myself that each day is a little better.  I really think we’ll get there . . . eventually.

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