Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gone Fishing

Gary has been wanting to take the kids fishing for as long as I can remember.  For a very long time, the thought of our three (now four) kids near a body of water with fishing poles was way more than I could handle.  But when Gary brought up fishing again last week, it seemed like something we could do.  So, we ordered up some Diego fishing poles and this past weekend we went to the “lake” in our neighborhood for some fishing.

DSC_0288 W The kids were thrilled about going fishing.  After we told them the plan for the day, they ran around saying, “I want to go fishing!”  Gary and I couldn’t move fast enough for them.

DSC_0322 W DSC_0328 W Henry and Rosemary were all about some fishing.  They were absolutely thrilled to throw their fishing lures into the lake and then reel it in.  Within minutes their lines were tangled and Gary had to re-tie them.  Gary and I laughed about how he’d have to put new line in their fishing poles every time we went fishing.

Piper liked her fishing pole, but didn’t seem quite as into fishing as Henry and Rosemary.

DSC_0339 W Henry and Rosemary got wet and dirty pretty quickly.

DSC_0313 W DSC_0314 W Even Penelope, who spent the great majority of the fishing trip in her stroller, got a little dirty.

DSC_0363 W But not Piper.  Her shoes remained as white as they ever are.

DSC_0356 W Piper really preferred to keep an eye on things and make sure that everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing.

DSC_0350 W I can understand that.  I, too, like the idea of fishing.  But I don’t like actually fishing.  More than that, I just don’t like fish.  They are really quite disgusting creatures.  Sure I can get over it enough to eat fish, but I don’t like fish.  Not long ago Gary found this photo from years ago:

Gary and Heather Fishing in 2000

That is me and Gary, based on my ring, from from when we were engaged but not yet married (which would put it between March and August 2000).  I went fishing with Gary when we were visiting his mom and dad in Pensacola.  When we got back to Gary’s parents’ house, Gary’s mom and dad made me hold the fish we caught.  I guess that is something that one will agree to do when she is engaged.  I don’t see me ever agreeing to that again.

So, it’s a good thing that Gary has at least 2 kids who are happy to fish with him.  And I’m a little happy that I’ll have one to stay behind with me, and maybe want to sleep in then go get a mani-pedi.  We’ll have to see what camp Penelope chooses later on.

Regardless, I enjoyed watching everyone fish, and I really loved when Henry would pull up his fishing pole, see his little blue plastic fish, and yell, “I got a fish!”

DSC_0329 W Whether or not Piper enjoyed fishing, she definitely had a great time.  She walked back and forth keeping an eye on everyone, and making sure that her fishing pole remained pristine (which it did).

DSC_0375 W DSC_0385 W But, for some reason, we didn’t catch any real fish.

DSC_0390 W I can’t imagine why not.

DSC_0392 W I mean, really, why didn’t we catch any fish?

DSC_0394 W Oh well, we had a great time anyway!!

DSC_0399 W

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Lindsey Wolfe said...

How fun! Nathan and my dad want to take Logan fishing, but the thought scares me! Maybe I'll have to give in this summer... we'll see. Glad you guys all had a great time!