Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Day

When Gary and I woke up yesterday morning, we were really excited to find out that the Easter Bunny visited us!

DSC_0513 W DSC_0510 W DSC_0509 W DSC_0506 W The baskets had lots of fun stuff in them.

DSC_0515 W We took the kids’ baskets upstairs so that they could see them as soon as they woke up.  All of the kids were really excited!

DSC_0553 W DSC_0555 W We got Penelope up and took her into the kids’ room so that everyone could check out their Easter baskets.

DSC_0558 W DSC_0560 W DSC_0576 W DSC_0585 W DSC_0613 W The big kids each got an Elmo egg with some chocolate in it, and a Peep, in their Easter basket.  Penelope didn’t get any candy, but she did get a Dora DVD about going on an egg hunt.  Henry tried trading his book for Penelope’s DVD, but she wasn’t into that trade.  She was kind enough to let everyone watch her DVD after breakfast, though.  After watching the DVD, everyone was really excited to find out that there were Easter eggs to hunt in our very own backyard!

The kids each had a very specific strategy for hunting Easter eggs.  Rosemary was a typical Easter-egg-hunter.  She took off and quickly put as many eggs as possible in her basket.

DSC_0642 W Piper got more caught up in the process.  She seemed to really take the time to enjoy herself.  She probably isn’t going to win any Easter egg hunting contest, but she definitely will make some pretty photos!

DSC_0681 W DSC_0696 W DSC_0710 W DSC_0713 W DSC_0716 W DSC_0727 W Believe it or not, Rosemary found a grand total of NINE Easter eggs.  We tried to tell her that she got a different number of eggs, but nope, she said she had NINE.

DSC_0750 W DSC_0764 W Henry had a slightly different approach to Easter egg hunting.  He found a few Easter eggs on his own, but he quickly learned that it was much easier to find Easter eggs that were already in the girls’ Easter baskets.  As you can imagine, that didn’t go over so well with the girls.

DSC_0775 W DSC_0779 W DSC_0787 W Penelope took a nap for most of the Easter egg hunting, but she did hang out and play a bit after she woke up.

DSC_0800 W Later that afternoon, Gary had three shrubs to plant in the backyard.  He had a lot of help from the kids.  I mean, a LOT of help.  I can’t imagine that he ever would have gotten everything planted without everyone’s help.  I was so busy helping the kids help Gary that I could barely take photos of the whole process, but I did catch this one of Rosemary, who was much cleaner than Henry.  As you can imagine, we went straight to the bathtub after the planting.

DSC_0803 WEaster was a very busy day that led to the kids actually laying down and going right to sleep for bedtime.  They partied a little tonight, but didn’t take too long to go to sleep.  And everyone took a (short) nap today after going 5 days without a nap!  Maybe we’re catching on to this whole toddler bed thing.  I’m hoping that things will be somewhat back to normal in a week or so. 

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