Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tannehill Historical State Park

This past weekend we went to the Tannehill Historical State Park. It was a little cool, so we bundled the babies up in some coats.

I was really impressed with Tannehill. It's not that far from our house, and it's gorgeous. It's going to be awesome when the leaves start really changing colors.

Yeah, I don't know what Gary was doing either. . . .

Proof that all three kids can walk:

At one point, Rosemary took off running down a hill straight toward the water. Rosemary did not intend to take off running down a hill, but her little legs got to moving so fast that she couldn't stop. Luckily Daddy caught her before she got wet!

Even though he can walk, Henry much preferred to crawl around. Just like at the pumpkin patch, Henry is attracted to dirt. He was absolutely filthy when we got home.

We had a great time and have a new weekend place to visit and go for a walk!

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