Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Very Own Pumpkin Patch

So this post is a little late. . . . But I've been having to do a little work travel, which interferes with my blogging time.

We had a great Halloween. Grandma (Gary's Mom) was here for the night, and our friends Amanda and Brandon came over for dinner and to help with trick-or-treaters. Gary decorated the outside of the house (which was apparently a pretty big hit, because one of our trick-or-treaters told me, "I love your house -- it's sooooooooo creepy." Uhm, okay, thanks.) What is not obvious from the pictures is that we also had some motion-sensored strobe lights, complete with howling Halloween sounds. . . .

The babies didn't seem to mind getting dressed in their costumes. They were none too happy about wearing their hats (we did manage to get ONE picture of each kid in their hat, though), but at least they carried the hats around with them. Here are some pics of us getting ready for the big night:

We did not take the babies trick-or-treating, but they did help us hand out candy. We knew that trick-or-treating would just mean candy for Mommy and Daddy, so we decided to wait until next year for that.

P.S. These pictures are taken after a one-hour private session on using flash. I think that they are better than my previous flash pictures, but still leave a lot to be desired. Upon the recommendation of my photography instructor, I've ordered a special thing for my flash that is supposed to help me take better flash pictures (especially downstairs in our house due to the high and non-white ceilings), so we'll see how things improve when that piece is here.


Lindsey Wolfe said...

So cute!! Love the three little pumpkin costumes. Good stuff. OH - I check out Gary's blog every so often. Saw his post about the new that totally tried to beat up your little ones. I did laugh though - very cute!

Lora Gaxiola said...

Absolutely precious times 3!

Alesha Hardin-Osburn said...

These pictures are so precious!