Sunday, November 22, 2009

On the Road Again . . . And Behind on Posting

Last weekend we drove up to my hometown to see my precious niece's baptism. Then this past weekend we drove up to my hometown to visit my family, and also to attend a family reunion. I am having a great time, but all this travel absolutely zaps my energy. We try to get on the road whenever the babies would be sleeping (so that they sleep on the road) -- which is either right after lunch or at night. We usually drive during naptime, which means that Gary and I do not get a naptime. We desperately miss our naptime. . . . Anyway, here are some belated pictures of Laramy's baptism last weekend:

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OBrien Mamma said...

I had a nap at 830pm tonight---which is why I am now up at 1:55am. Apparently, I only need 5 hours of sleep now. (not)
It's not going to be pretty tomorrow morning--I mean later this motning, fer sher!!!