Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gary Has a Blog, Too

For those of you who do not know, Gary has a blog, too. He started it a few months ago. You can get to it from my sidebar (to the left) or click here. I have people who tell me all the time that they didn't know Gary has a blog, so there is my first big announcement about Gary's blog.

My second big announcement is that Gary has been nominated for Funniest Blog for the Multiples & More 2009 Blog Awards!!! I'm so proud of him -- even though most of his material lately has been coming from me. . . .


Alesha Hardin said...

I read Gary's blog every week because it is just laugh out loud funny. The one about you falling all the time...I can relate, I fall all the time too! Thanks for giving him some material.

O'Brien Bunch said...

Indeed, you have Heather. (And I'm really sorry that I laughed. Uncontrollably. Hysterically. With tears and all, when you fell. It couldn't be helped. I hope you are feeling better. And being more careful!)

If Gary doesn't recongize the tremendous sacrifices you have made for the good of his blog when he gives his acceptance speech, I will personally assist you in a retaliation project. And retract my vote.

Is Gary afraid of spiders? Or Snakes? Or washed out and bleached plaid pants? Oooh--maybe all his Gator jersey's could mysteriously go missing?

He'll give you the credit. I feel confidant!